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Taiwan Trip
February 13 - March 12, 2002

It was an amazing trip to Taiwan for me and as I look at all the reams of photos and the long diary I am overwhelmed by all the places we went, all the schools and Centers we went to, and all the people we met. We spoke 18 times in the 27 days, and were warmly welcomed wherever we went. Anita and Elaine were the best possible teammates I could have had. They were flexible (eating with chopsticks, living in different places, sleeping on the floor Taiwanese style, meeting literally hundreds of people, eating food that we could not recognize, listening to so many conversations that were in Mandarin, and being themselves and cheerful).

We saw great examples of God at work, sometimes despite others’ best efforts against Him. We saw Jesus in the faces of so many people with disabilities and in the poorest ones who were not loved. We learned to say “Jesus loves you” in Mandarin (“Yesu I knee” is the rough pronunciation). We learned that we can have a lot of fun together with other believers even without being able to speak a word of their language.

Thank you for praying for us. We felt the surrounding arms of God as He protected us from danger and from our own foolishness. Many times I felt very empty, that I had nothing left to speak about, and then the Lord filled my heart and on we went. I showed photos of so many in Joy Fellowship at every gathering. We had many, many overheads, so the stories of what God is doing in our midst, through the gifts of our folks, were spoken of all over Taiwan. We pray, now that we are home, that those stories are still doing what God intended: softening and opening hearts to see God's mysteries hidden from the wise and learned and revealed to those as little children (those who think simply).

On a personal note, I went snorkelling on Green Island. It was incredible. It was like being in a Discovery Channel Nature Special, down there with Jacques Cousteau. So much coral and fish, incredible colors of fish. I can see why people are so attracted to scuba diving. Wow... I could have done it all day. I found so many beautiful rocks with holes in them and alas, was not allowed to bring any of them home with me.

All for now...

Joyfully His,
Joy Gregory

More excerpts from my diary are posted here.


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