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Summer 2004 Newsletter

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30-Plus Ways to Give Thanks
for Joy Fellowship

On the tables at our recent Annual General Meeting (it was a Potluck Banquet and very delicious) were sheets to be filled out titled: "30 Ways to Give Thanks for Joy Fellowship." I had assumed that I could condense them to 30, but our Thanksgiving to God just overflowed and I had to include them all.


1) Dave and Ruby’s vision and ideas

2) Sign language choir and their new gowns

3) Mission trips

4) Spring and Christmas Craft Fairs

5) New Zealand Team 2003: Lezlee, Sarah, David & Merrill, Joy

6) Melly, Rick, and Rebekah coming to Joy Fellowship

7) Family

8) The Lord became one of us and joins us all together!

9) Those with disabilities are blessed by the Lord

10) Good friendly place to worship the Lord together

11) David and Merrill Stocks

12) Good fellowship

13) Faithful helpers who have loved us and helped at our camps and Bible Studies for years

14) Great music, and sign choir singing praises to the Lord

15) The new van

16) Joy and David Jr.

17) Camping at Camp Squamish and Camp Alexandra

18) Doing Crafts at camp

19) New sound system: we can all hear better

20) Car washes

21) Trips to Sechelt to do Christmas skits and play

22) Sechelt Tent camp and Orcas Island tent camp

23) Joy Fellowship T-shirts and hats

24) Feeling Joy

25) Sunday Mornings

26) Fishing in Mission (one of our daytrips)

27) Camp Songs

28) Hikes at camp

29) Cheryl Semke, Scott Moor, Lori and Brian Bell, Jan Koster, Susan Woods and Lorraine Maxwell who have worked with us full time and who we always love and remember.

30) Prayers

31) Lots of hugs

32) Lezlee

33) Friends we make here and up in heaven

34) Being able to help people

35) Laughter

36) Baptisms

37) Joy

38) Cooks who cook great food

39) Bottles and cans for church (monies sent to support children with disabilities overseas)

40) Bible Study

41) Visits to Pearson Rehab Center and Little Mountain Place (we help once a month by having services there)

42) Ann, Bram, Fred, and the Joy Council

43) The Holy Spirit

44) Praying for other countries

45) Being able to be ourselves

46) Together working on our relationships with God

47) Meeting new people

48) Keeping old friends

49) Focus on love and community

50) Inclusive community

51) Tolerance, hope and joy

52) New beginnings

53) Memory of Barb Lavoie (it made Barb happy to come)

54) The privilege of worshipping with a group whose faith is deep and who pray in faith.

55) Tonight’s dinner

56) Cookie days (refreshment Sundays)

57) The Bible plays and skits

58) Learning and telling others about Jesus

59) All the friends who come to help us

60) All the friends who love us "just as I am"

61) A place of acceptance

62) All are treated equally

63) Much joy all around, cheerfulness

64) Excellent church

65) Excellent music team

66) Friends old and new

67) Financial supporters

68) Excellent pastors

69) Opening the Bible to us

70) My favorite thing in Bible Study is to pray

71) Being together

72) Missions trip to New Zealand, Florida, Australia

73) Spending time with one another

74) Retreats: reading the Bible together (at Hillhaven and Rivendell)

75) Dancing for joy and for Jesus

76) Gordie Hilderman

77) Learning how to serve one another

78) Learning how to love one another

79) The group home residents who bring their staff

80) The group home staff who bring their residents

81) Miss Marion Foster

82) Singing Graham Kendrick songs

83) Simple explanations of the Word

84) Communicating

85) Joy Ministries in New Zealand

86) Spontaneity

87) Sunshine Coast Joy Fellowship

88) Interns: Michelle, Esther, Vickie, Dominique, Mary Ann, Debbie, Gail, Lorraine, Patti, Ruth, Diane, Peggy, Joyce, Michelle (these women invested their lives in us and we will never forget them or cease to treasure them)

89) The way we include people to by using whatever gift they have to offer

90) The Siloam Joy Fellowship and Coffee House in Taipei, Taiwan


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Donald putting stain on a cross for his room during our
Retreat at Rivendell on Bowen Island


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Upcoming Events

June 7 – Visit to Joy Ministries in New Zealand: Joy Gregory

June 18 – Daytrip: Bowen Island Adventure

June 25 – Missions trip to Russia: Joan Lew & David Hayward Jr.

July 2 – Daytrip: Fishing at the Trout Farm

July 19 – Daytrip: Vancouver Zoo

July 23 – Daytrip: Indian Arm Luncheon Cruise

August 3-6 – Summer Camp at Camp Alexandra, Crescent Beach

August 16-19 – Tent Camping at Porpoise Bay, B.C.

August 24 – Daytrip: Butchart Gardens and Butterfly Gardens


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