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Joy Fellowship
Spring 2004 Newsletter

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Remembering God's Presence and Goodness in 2003

We look back at the year 2003 with thankfulness. This has been Joy Fellowship’s 29th year, and we are aware of the privilege of walking together through life, keeping each other close to Jesus. We have walked home with Gary Armstrong and Ethel Hilderman (also of Trinity Baptist), who died this year. We miss them and are thankful for the legacy of love they have left us. Although Gary could not speak very well, he taught us how to welcome each other (his smile-crinkled eyes and his arms held up for a hug), and how to be observant (he always knew where everyone was and who had just walked in). Donations given in memory of Ethel have risen to well over $75,000. These incredible gifts have enabled us to purchase a new van (see page 2) and sound system and extras that we would not otherwise have afforded.

Event highlights include:

bulletThe ordination of Melanie Gonder-Benoit, chaplain at Brock Fahrni and mother of Rebekah Mason (a member of our JF Sign Language Choir).
bulletCelebrations of creativity, fun, games and music at our Annual Spring Fair (in April) and Christmas Craft Fair (in November).
bulletOur summer daytrips: behind the scenes tours at the Aquarium, bird watching at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Indian Arm luncheon cruise (our biggest daytrip yet, 64 people), visiting an organic farm on Bowen Island and fishing at a trout farm.
bulletOur large camps: a weekend camp in fall and spring at Camp Squamish and a summer camp at Camp Alexandra in Crescent Beach.
bulletA tent camp held at Porpoise Bay, Sechelt. This also involves some of the people in the Sunshine Coast Joy Fellowship to join us for a BBQ and games day.
bulletA team of five from Joy Fellowship went to New Zealand for three weeks to be a blessing and an encouragement to people in our Joy Fellowship there (named Joy Ministries NZ). We had opportunity to attend a large camp for people with disabilities from all over NZ.
bulletA team of two went with a missions team to Kazakhstan to teach teachers English (using the Bible as a resource) and to connect with people with disabilities that David Hayward Jr. has made contact with there.

But it is in the small everyday occurrences that we are aware of God’s presence:

bulletIn the joy of Meagan as she asks her staff every morning, "Church? church?"
bulletIn David whose prayers grow more and more intimate and who ends his prayers with "so we can go out and tell others what we have learned."
bulletIt is in the smile of a woman with a profound mental and physical disability whose face lights up when she hears our voices and as we sing together.
bulletIt is the delight of our very dedicated sign language choir as they stand up in their robes (donated by First Baptist Kelowna) and proudly lead the congregation in a signed song.
bulletIt is the joy of seeing someone come back to church who we hadn’t seen for years.
bulletIt is in the excitement of someone who has taken the challenge to read through the Bible and after 2 years has just finished the book of Revelation.
bulletIt is in the pleasure that our teams practice and present dramas during the teaching at church.

And it is Grant, very wound-up, unable to sit quietly, calling out during the teaching, "He picked me, Jesus picked me. I chosen."


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Joy Fellowship Council
Our Joy Fellowship Council:
(L to R) (Front) George S, Pieter V, Ruby H, Ann B, Bram L
(Back) David H Sr, Rick B, David H Jr, Michael (Missing: Fred H, & Joy G photographer)


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Upcoming Events

April 2-4—Retreat at Rivendell on Bowen Island.

April 9—We join with those gathering at First Baptist for a Good Friday Service. 11 a.m.

April 11—Join us at our usual Sunday morning time (10 a.m.) for our Easter Service (43rd and Oak).

May 8—Joy Fellowship Spring Fair—10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Trinity Baptist Church. Come for games, Crafts, Mother’s Day gifts (Mother’s Day is the very next day), Car Wash, White Elephant Sale, Hot dogs, and fun for all ages and abilities.

May 9—Mother’s Day

May 14-16—Spring Camp at Camp Squamish.

May 30—A team from Joy Fellowship will be joining Broadmore Baptist .

June 7-29—Joy Gregory traveling to New Zealand to encourage our Joy Fellowship groups there (called Joy Ministries in NZ). She’ll be attending a camp and a leadership retreat.


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