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Men’s Ministries

Christian Service Brigade - Dads and committed Christian men serving boys, introducing them to Christ, and mentoring them to become men of God.

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Setting forth the teachings of the Bible about the complementary differences between men and women, created equal in the image of God.

Craftsmen for Christ - A Christ-centered ministry dedicated to meeting the needs of our neighbors through the love of God.

Father’s World - Connecting fathers across the globe with each other and with various support group agencies and associations.

Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International - Fellowship of men who have a vision inspired by God to reach out beyond their personal lives and to let their lights shine to the world.

Great Dads - Motivating fathers to turn their hearts to their children and training them to be great dads.

International Men's Network - Resources for men and ministry.

Just for Men - A collection of articles, links, and other resources specially chosen to help men in their walk with God.

Man in the Mirror - A ministry that has grown out of the bestselling book, The Man in the Mirror, by Patrick Morley. Helping men find success that matters through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Men of Integrity - An interdenominational ministry dedicated to helping men be the godly men God calls them to be.

National Center for Fathering - Helping dads become better fathers.

The National Coalition of Men’s Ministries - The right tools and training to help build an effective and lasting ministry to men.

OneMillionDads.com - An online activism campaign giving fathers an impact with entertainment media decision-makers. A project of the American Family Association.

Promise Keepers of Canada - A Christ-centered ministry dedicated to uniting men through vital relationships to become godly influences in their world.

Titus 2 Men and Women - Assisting God’s work by spiritually building individual Christians.

TLTC Ministries - Based in Canada, this international ministry is called to take God’s saving, healing, and delivering power throughout North America. Their emphasis is on marital and family relationships, accountability, and sexual addiction recovery.

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