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Name: Pastor Kurt Beard
Date Visited: 2 September 2007
Location: Gardner, Kansas

I was doing some praying today and asking our Lord to speak a little louder for me to hear. Really I guess it's not that He is speaking to softly, it is me not listening enough. My wife Susan and I adopted our children from Vietnam and the Lord has placed on my heart that He feels I could help Him find families for the different children around the world. This isn't the first time this whisper has come to me, it's that I keep letting it flow in one side of my head and out the other. How I got to your site, I'm not really sure, but here I am. I too had Polio in 1950 along with my mom and dad. Dad has gone home and mom is still with us spreading her joy with everyone she meets. I have read some of the notes the people have left and they are very interesting. I thank you for being there for us.

God Bless

Name: Todd Craig Carruthers
Date Visited: 15 May 2007
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Found Us By: Searching for Christian Fellowship Church in Vancouver
Comments: I would love to come to visit your church some day.  I live in Vancouver near West 41st Ave. and Arbutus St.  I shall pray for everyone at Joy Fellowship.

Name: Patricia Brookes
Date Visited: 15 November 2006
Location: Newcastle, Australia
Comments: Hi to everyone at JOY FELLOWSHIP.



May God give you all good health, good fellowship, wonderful times together,
and a big cake with 30 candles.

Name: Pastor Jess S. Soriano
Date Visited: 23 September 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: Cavite, Philippines
Found Us By: Yahoo Google
Comments: Dear beloved Christians,
      As a polio victim in a wheelchair, I reach
fellow-disabled by TELEPHONE. Sadly, only few can afford to have one.Its monthly bill of $15.00 also affected me..
     Please pray for me .
                           Pastor Jess S. Soriano

Name: Sandra Smith
Date Visited: 16 August 2006
Found Us By: On the 3rd Watch
Comments: When ever THe Holy Spirit waeks for prayer and Bible Study, I have veen looking for true Christian Web Sites.  The Word of God will empower me and help me to grow in my Walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless You. Sandy Your Sister in Christ.

Name: chloyie
Date Visited: 11 August 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: Malaysia
Found Us By: through
Comments: tell me how can i help if i hope can join u guys for d handicape people...?i'm a malaysian...xcept prayer...what can i do for u guys again...
the site is good...learn a lot...

Name: Anne Ashe
Date Visited: 7 August 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: Prince George, BC Canada
Found Us By: Internet

Date Visited: 4 August 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: RWANDA
Found Us By: web site
Comments: Our ministry would like to develop arelationship with your church in missions and any other areas of ministry here in Rwanda.
    God richly bless you all.
     Evang Norman Paul Desire
     Christ for the Nations Ministries
     P,O.Box 4507

Name: Keith hobkirk
Date Visited: 24 July 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: Manlius Illinois
Found Us By: Fish the net
Comments: Excellent site, keep looking up, Jesus is coming soon.

Date Visited: 23 May 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: INDIA



Date Visited: 2 April 2006
Location: Vellore TN India
Found Us By: inter net
Comments: Hi to all God's peoples greetings from HVCT INDIA your site is nice please do pray for us


Name: Mark Baker
Date Visited: 25 March 2006
Location: Loganville, Georgia
Found Us By: word of faith webring
Comments: I was visiting other sites on the word of faith webring and thought I would say hello and God bless you in what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

Name: Devin Robinson
Date Visited: 10 March 2006
Location: Newfoundland Canada
Found Us By: surfing the net
Comments: great site. I welcome you to come and Listen to what God is doing in Atlantic Canada.

Name: Jon Mooney
Date Visited: 19 February 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: UK
Found Us By: web
Comments: is proud to be part of the Christian Network on the web preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. has many Christian services on offer including free chat Visit YOU need to be saved, if Jesus comes NOW - R U Ready will you be caught up or caught out!

Name: Reneé
Date Visited: 8 February 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: Indiana
Found Us By: Net Search
Comments: Praise the Lord for your site.  I always enjoy visiting Christian site that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.  I enjoy the "God's Minute" Devotionals that I receive in my email each day.  May the Lord bless you and all you do to glorify His holy name!

Name: Mike
Date Visited: 7 February 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: Frisco
Found Us By: prayer team
Comments: Thank you and God bless you.  This is a real Blessing.  God is a GOOD GOD ALL THE TIME!!!

Name: Amal
Date Visited: 18 January 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: India
Found Us By: Browsing
Comments: Its really worth to visit your side. You are establishing contacts between peoples around the world. It is really good site for good & spritual peoples. May God bless you and your team richly.

Name: Samuel Sebuliba
Date Visited: 14 January 2006
Location: Uganda
Found Us By: Search
Comments: Greetings to you all in Jesus' Name.
I appreciate the work you are doing in the Vineyard.
I invite you to visit our new ministry website at, we are an outreach ministry working to improve the welfare of AIDS orphans in Uganda.
We welcome Child Sponsors and Volunteers to come.

Name: Joko
Date Visited: 13 January 2006
Location: Denpasar/Bali/Indonesia
Found Us By: Search Engine
Comments: I was surfing the search engines and found this site guestbook, I got to say, it is a nice site and it’s easy to navigate in. Anyway so I thought I’d post a message. I am creating a new website and looking for a site that I can use for web design reference. Thank you.

Name: Rev Gabriel Ombok Yala
Date Visited: 12 January 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: Kenya East Africa
Found Us By: through another link
Comments: This is a wonderful website we prayerfully desisre to set up a link to enable other ministries to preach in Africa we welcome any email through this website that desire to set up work in Kenya and East Africa
God bless you.
Reb Gabriel

Name: David
Date Visited: 9 January 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: Midland TX
Found Us By: old, old, link
Comments: It has been a long time since my last visit...some things have changed, my URL, my email, and my city, However my love for Christ will never change !........................My old post......
Name: David
Date Visited: Monday, August 6, 2001
Home Page: JesusPage

Name: Edward Ochieng Omondi
Date Visited: 6 January 2006
E-Mail Address:
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Found Us By: web
Comments: Praise God ,
Kindly iwould like to be intouc with the Youth Pastor, Iam saved by The blood of Jesus our youths would like to share with you.
Thanks iam the youth minister in my Church.
bro Edward

Name: Ronnie Loveday
Date Visited: 30 November 2005
E-Mail Address:
Location: Knoxville, TN
Found Us By: In search of something for the Lord!!
Comments: I liked you calendar and how you layed it out.
Keep up the good work for the Lord.
A prayer does and  says it all. He's just a prayer away. He always here's you the first time. 4 days late and right on time.

Name: Diane Joyner
Date Visited: 23 October 2005
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Found Us By: Began from and followed links for hours
Comments: Thank you very much for all of the info you have put together for parents, teachers, and clergy to help the Special People in their lives.

Name: Keijo
Date Visited: 10 September 2005
Location: Sweden
Found Us By: I select
Comments: Peace and free may be with you today with  grace and love of Jesus and be fill with the Holy spirits power and joy for this is for you too today and help and pray for holy Spirits revival.thanks and bless.keijo sweden

Name: Malcolm Dixon
Date Visited: 26 July 2005
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Found Us By: newsletter & brochure
Comments: Visited the website for the first time. Loved it, especially going through the 30 years album. Joy Gregory and team have come to NZ several times.

Name: Lisa Clutchey
Date Visited: 24 June 2005
E-Mail Address:
Location: Surrey, BC
Found Us By: Can't remember :)
Comments: I can't remember a time when Joy Fellowship was not in my life.  You are all second nature, and a part of my family and heart.  Thanks for always supporting me, loving me, and giving me the honor to serve you.  This web-site looks great.

Name: Angie Kotowick
Date Visited: 8 June 2005
E-Mail Address:
Location: Richmond B.C.
Found Us By: just browsing through sites
Comments: hey, just wanted to sign ... nice site =)

Name: Kathy Waters
Date Visited: 20 May 2005
E-Mail Address:
Location: Nooksack, WA
Found Us By: have been to a couple of your gatherings...
Comments: sent you the words to Showers of Blessing. Enjoy!

Name: Rev.Samuel Ravi
Date Visited: 7 May 2005
E-Mail Address:
Location: India
Found Us By: website
Comments: Love & Greetings from India.

Please pray for the India ministry.

with Love,

Pastor Thara Samuel

Name: Joanne Lowe
Date Visited: 6 May 2005
E-Mail Address:
Location: Pensacola, FL  United States
Found Us By: Search Engine
Comments: May God richly bless you.  Always remember Jesus Loves you.

In His Service,

Name: adeyemi odediran
Date Visited: 5 May 2005
E-Mail Address:
Location: llagos nigeria
Found Us By: on net
Comments: i will like to be part of the  mission please what can i do .

Name: aqif
Date Visited: 23 April 2005
E-Mail Address:
Location: pakistan
Found Us By: through ur site
Comments: i am aqif from pakistan. i am trying to run an institue for the disable kids. so please i will be happy if you people can get in touch with me, i am in need of your help.

Name: Rev. Hans Myors
Date Visited: 22 April 2005
Location: USA
Home Page:
Found Us By: webring
Comments: Shalom, I came across your website through the "Just A Minute Internet Evangelism" Webring. You have a very nice website. Please consider this message as an open invitation to come and visit my ministry website. Take care in Y'SHUA the MESSIAH.

Name: Godfrey Chigozie
Date Visited: 17 April 2005
Location: Nigeria
Found Us By: via msn search engine
Comments: He's wonderful....remain blessed. Wish you all closer and more intimate fellowship with the Lord as He calls us all to strive to enter into the Holiest and smell as it were the very aroma of His garment."...There remaineth a rest for the people of God". Bless all!

Name: itsmemissy
Date Visited: 6 March 2005
Location: usa
Home Page:
Found Us By: surfing

Name: Allan Svensson
Date Visited: 2 March 2005
Location: Sweden
Home Page:
Found Us By: By Google
Comments: I visited your nice Web Site, and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ.  Welcome to visit my Site.

Name: K. John Kumar
Date Visited: 14 February 2005
Location: India
Comments: He is greater than all the universe, for He made it all.
"Sing unto the Lord; for he hath done excellent things; this is known in all the earth. Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion; for GREAT is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee" (Isaiah 12:5-6).

Name: Reverend Robert Larp
Date Visited: 7 February 2005
E-Mail Address:
Comments: The Reverend Robert Larp sends you his blessings on behalf of all of our church.

Name: Polvo de la Tierra
Date Visited: 1 February 2005
Home Page:

Q-1. What kind of question is that? Many people still attend church each week.
For more Bible-information, please visit the Home Page, thank you

Name: Danny Haszard
Date Visited: 2 November 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Bangor Maine USA
Home Page:
Found Us By: Google search/spirit
Comments: Christian greetings, you have a dynamic and spirited site. I am Danny Haszard Bangor Maine former member of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Rockland Massachusetts. I am NOW a Christian and a counter-cult educator. God bless all your endeavors. "Happy are the pure in heart." [Matthew 5:8] 

Date Visited: 22 October 2004
Location: BENIN

Name: Vlad
Date Visited: 21 October 2004
Comments: Dear friends!
Let me thank you for your web-site.


Jews, Christians and the Word of God

Name: Pastor Raja Sekhar
Date Visited: 18 October 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: India
Home Page: JCIM
Found Us By: sent by someone
Comments: Dear beloved Joy Fellowship members, kindly pray for my social and missionary services to the unreached tribal and jungle people.

Name: Lori Bell
Date Visited: 2 October 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Found Us By: newsletter
Comments: What an amazing website. So good to see so many faces I know. All our love, Lori and Brian

Name: Jodie Halley
Date Visited: 27 September 2004
E-Mail Address: or
Location: Prince George B.C. Canada
Found Us By: Our Daily Bread Devotional

Name: Peter Muniz
Date Visited: 12 September 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Woodbridge, NJ
Home Page:
Found Us By: I think I found you on WWDJ 970 AM then on the internet
Comments: Do you help churches to be sensitive to special needs and help them minister to people with many types of disabilities? How about churches that are about to be formed?

Name: Tetsuyo Sano
Date Visited: 11 September 2004
Location: Japan
Found Us By: Yahoo
Comments: Monday, December 25, 5 B.C., of the old Julian calendar: Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. My information is important for all Christian.

Name: Crystal
Date Visited: 1 September 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Manitoba, Canada
Home Page:
Found Us By: surfing
Comments: neat that you got lotta christian sites to choose from.......God bless

Name: Asaba Owerri
Date Visited: 31 August 2004
Location: Lagos
Comments: I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up.

Name: Jerry
Date Visited: 25 August 2004
Location: OH
Home Page:
Found Us By: webring
Comments: Christian Greetings and Hello!
Indeed a Pleasure and Blessing to Visit and Let You Know. Needless ta say, Every Christian Witness and ministry is GREATLY NEEDED and YOURS is SURELY Making an Eternal Difference!
God Bless You, Yours and Your Witnessing/Ministering...Prayerfully!

Name: John
Date Visited: 19 August 2004
Location: Benin
Comments: Hi I love u all

Name: Ken Seburn
Date Visited: 18 August 2004
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Home Page:
Found Us By: By searching for "tagalog lexicon"
Comments: Bravo to Joy Fellowship for the excellent work you are doing. I wonder if Dave Hayward is still associated with this ministry. I would be interested  in his e-mail address -  if he has one.

Name: Pastor T. M. Joseph
Date Visited: 7 August 2004
E-mail Address:
Location: India
Found Us By: website
Comments: Please pray for our ministry in India and please pray for we are praying to start orphanage. We have churches. Please for the activities of ministry, helping the needy and poor with moral and with gospel and our needs.
Thank you.

Name: Jan Chobaniuk
Date Visited: 28 July 2004
Comments: Our contact with JOY fellowship has been small but Stephen and I have always enjoyed the time with you at Camp Squamish weekends. Jan Chobaniuk

Name: Christy Cleghorn
Date Visited: 23 July 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Alabama
Found Us By: just going through
Comments: Pray for me. I am on disability and have no one. Pray for wanda and liz not to be mean to me and wanda and liz have kept my friends hostage and wanda and liz have kept me isolated from them. Pray for me to never to be killed or for me to never to go to jail or prison. Pray for me to meet Kim cattrall and the celebrities and spend time with them. Pray for me to never to be hurt and never to be all alone.

Name: The Whyman
Date Visited: 6 July 2004
Home Page:
Comments: Don't worry about Patrick Harris' words and others like him.
I have dealt with him before and he has no real answers.
And this more in depth article:

Name: Mike Laramy
Date Visited: 14 June 2004
Location: Texas
Found Us By: Search engine
Comments: All power to his name. God bless you for this wonderful website it is informative and enlightening.  

With so many young people spending their time in nightclubs etc. in SIN it is great to see you providing such a good example of positive service to HIS name.

Name: Jennifer Armerding
Date Visited: 8 June 2004
Location: WA/USA
Found Us By: Danielle brought me! 20 years ago....
Comments: Just watched the whole slideshow. It was wonderful. Thanks for all the great memories. I am always struck by how there are few Christian communities of people who are as faithful as the family of Joy Fellowship. My kind of people! Love to everyone and prayers for Joy on her current trip.

Name: Elizabeth Lucia
Date Visited: 5 June 2004
Location: Surrey, Canada
Found Us By: I receive the monthly e-mails
Comments: Just finished viewing the slide show of Joy's history.  Brought back many memories.  What a wonderful ministry you have, so many people have been impacted with such a simple message.  Thank you for your blessing on me and my children.

Name: Bob Sukkau
Date Visited: 5 June 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Trujillo, Peru
Found Us By: have attended Joy Fellowship in the past
Comments: The 30 year album was a great idea.

Name: MarieJoy
Date Visited: 3 June 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Illinois/USA
Home Page:
Found Us By: Was just soaring around in the air & found a good place to land!
Comments: This is a truly wonderful and unique site helping people. May God continue to Bless You and all you reach. God Is Awesome!

Name: Saji
Date Visited: 22 May 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: India
Comments: I like it

Name: Linda Obiri-Darko
Date Visited: 12 May 2004
E-Mail Address:
Found Us By: Teresa A. told me about joy fellowship
Comments: I would like to come and visit  because the ministry sounds very exciting

Name: Similian Tiga
Date Visited: 8 May 2004
Location: Pakistan
Found Us By: Google
Comments: I found your site very beautiful and most effective for various web resources.

Name: Brother Lee
Date Visited: 8 May 2004
Location: UK
Found Us By: search engine
Comments: Thank you so much for letting me sign your guest-book.
I hope you are well and doing alright in these last days, if not and hurting, suffering, going through some troublesome times then don’t hesitate to visit our site and read the messages by Brother Steve and contact him as well.

Name: Kevin Ladd
Date Visited: 3 May 2004
Location: Longwood, FL
Found Us By: Link from another site
Comments: Hey I just wanted to let you know that I think your site has some great resources. Especially the disability section. Navigation is A++++. Thanks

Name: bernie
Date Visited: 30 April 2004
Location: USA
Home Page:
Found Us By: yahoo
Comments: Abortion, What Would Jesus Do?

Truly children are a gift from the Lord;the fruit of the womb is a reward" (Psalm 127:3)

"Life is truly the most precious gift and each soul has a destination"

Name: Icthus World Outreach Centre
Date Visited: 20 April 2004
Location: 72 San Miguel Road Binondo Manila Philippines 1006
Comments: Please Pray for our Program
Back to School Program Sponsorship
Feeding Program

Name: Mr Clyde Framis
Date Visited: 18 April 2004
E-Mail Address:
Comments: Interesting site

Name: Pastor T. John Ravichandran
Date Visited: 15 April 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Vellore TN India
Found Us By: internet
Comments: Respected sir your site is very nice praying for you all please do come to india mission trip in vellore india do pray for us and do support
t.john ravichandran
68,n,m st,
vellore 632001

Name: Matthew & Karen
Date Visited: 10 April 2004
Location: USA
Found Us By: Webring
Comments: God's grace

Name: kees droog
Date Visited: 5 April 2004
E-Mail Address:
Home Page:
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Th.2:11-12

Name: JASKE COM, Inc.
Date Visited: 5 April 2004
Location: Chicago, IL US
Home Page:
Comments: Excellent site!  If you need enhancements to your guestbook be sure to check out web hosting solutions for businesses at

Name: Bob Sukkau
Date Visited: 2 April 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Trujillo, Peru
Comments: This is a great site.  You deserve all those rewards.

Name: Laurence Lok
Date Visited: 24 March 2004
Location: Vancouver, BC
Found Us By: web search
Comments: Joy Fellowship has been doing marvelously looking after challenged people in their spiritual need. It is so hard to be able to pass the Word of God to them, especially the mentally challenged. It is so abstract. It must be your heart in God that has enabled this fellowship to prosper in the past 30 years. Please keep going in the name of Jesus.

Name: Gramp's Lamps
Date Visited: 21 March 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: USA
Found Us By: search engine
Comments: Great Site! Thank-you & God Bless!

Name: Pastor Nelson Lufafa
Date Visited: 14 March 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Uganda
Found Us By: Web searching
Comments: Pure and Undefiled before our God the Father Is that which Cares for the widows and the Orphans.
God Bless you.

Name: Rev. Harold Howard
Date Visited: 10 March 2004
Location: Mt. Dora, FL USA
Found Us By: Surfed in
Comments: I visited your very interesting site.  I am an 86 yr old A/G "retired" minister still serving the Lord on the Internet with all the strength He gives me.  God bless you all.

Name: Rev. Justice H. Abaidooh-Aggrey
Date Visited: 10 March 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: In west Africa (Ghana)
Found Us By: Through Internet search
Comments: I would like to know more about this your ministry. I will also required a visit from your team to work on a short-term mission among the disable people in my community. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.

Name: OSSY
Date Visited: 4 March 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Nigeria
Comments: Nice website. God bless you all. I need some kinda help. I will be very much happy if anybody will volunteer to help. We all are God children. Thank you all and God bless.

Name: Bishop Robert Wanjala Makona
Date Visited: 22 February 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Kitale, Kenya -East Africa
Found Us By: Internet
Comments: Please help us with any Christian literature.
Bishop Robert Makona
World Revival & Salvation Ministries
Box 2384
Kitale, Kenya
East Africa

Name: Ev. Samuel Sebuliba
Date Visited: 18 February 2004
Location: Uganda
Home Page:
Found Us By: search
Comments: May God continually bless and strengthen you.
I beseech thee with the mercies of Christ to partner with us as we seek to help the many orphans in Uganda and Sudan. The doors have been opened in Southern Sudan. Please go and be part of the restoration process.
May God lead you,
In His Service,
Evangelist Sebuliba Samuel

Date Visited: 17 February 2004
E-Mail Address:

Name: TK Mung Hangzou
Date Visited: 17 January 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Manipur, India
Found Us By: through browsing

Name: Rev. Lawrence Sarker
Date Visited: 14 January 2004
E-Mail Address:
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Found Us By: The Holy Spirit led me to come here
Comments: Our Lord is so good to us.I am so happy to be here in this site. it's a wonderful ministry and I am blessed to visit here. I will keep in touch in my prayer.

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