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God Is Tricky

by Ruby Hayward (as told to us at Summer Camp)


It is always good to remember our past and to remember our beginnings. It is good to reflect upon how God directed us. Let's examine the journeys of Moses and of Elijah and compare them with Dave's journey. Yes, there are differences but there are also great similarities and many things that we can learn.

One time when we were in India, Dave became very sick. He could hardly get out of the truck, he was very dehydrated and the Doctor came and put in an IV. The Doctor must have been worried because when he went home he asked his family to pray. The next day Dave was remarkably better and when the Doctor went back home, his children asked him, how Uncle Dave was. When they were told that he was much better the little 5 yr old said, "God is sure tricky he's got lots of power."

With the call of Moses and Elijah God was tricky. Moses was drawn to the burning bush, God was tricky. God revealed himself to Elijah by a still quiet voice. God revealed himself to Dave by a phone call

With Moses, God constantly called the people to remember: how the blood on the door posts saved them, how they were rescued across the Red Sea, how God looked after them thru the desert. Moses call was to lead these people to the Holy Land. Dave's call was to bring these people (Joy Fellowship) to the Holy Land, to Heaven.

En route Moses was given all the laws and all the instructions: "Rely on Me," God said, "and I will provide all your needs." Dave was called to be a pastor to the flock that God was bringing him. "Dave was to rely on ME," said the Lord, "to supply all your needs." And God has most wonderfully brought this promise to pass.

When Moses was given instructions he did all that he was instructed to. This he did except for one time when he didn't listen and he hit the rock. He learned and we learn that work must bring glory to God alone.

Elijah had been given a very specific job to do, to bring these people to repentance. The queen was very bad and wanted all the prophets and wise men killed. The queen threatened Elijah and said he would die too, and Elijah ran. He was burned out, he was tired, he was taxed, and he needed a retreat.

In India, we came back to Canada disappointed: The work that we thought we were to do ended. The doors closed, there were no more visas for India. We needed a retreat.

Elijah got his message in a whisper, "I am with you," said the Lord. Dave's call had no big fanfare: the telephone rang. It was like a whisper - LIKE A whisper! The telephone rang. I was in the next room and couldn't hear what the person on the other end was saying . It was Fred Hilderman and he said, "Dave, did you ever consider working with mentally challenged people?" I didn't hear the question but I sure heard the answer!! Had Dave won the lottery? Not likely, because we have never bought a lottery ticket. It was like "WOW!! THIS IS IT!!!" It was a glimpse of what, by God's grace, became Joy Fellowship.

So Elijah went into retirement and we moved on "by faith" into our new ministry for Him. God confirmed to us that this was His whisper by many signs and wonders but the biggest was the provision, month by month, year by year, for these past 30 years, of the funds we need for the ongoing running of the ministry. I believe therefore that God has and will specially bless all those who give their gifts Sunday after Sunday, month after month, year after year so that "God's work done in God's way in the Joy Fellowship will not lack His supply." And that too is a ministry that God has laid on many hearts.

NOTE: Next newsletter—the story David Hayward Sr. told that starts, "I had something that Moses and Elijah didn't have, this wife, Ruby. And that has made all the difference."


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David Hayward in the early days of
Joy Fellowship, down in the basement room
of Trinity Baptist. Trinity is celebrating
its 90th anniversary this year.


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Do you know what Kevin (from the Drop-In Center for people with disabilities in Aukland) is hauling to the car??

>>> See page 4 for answer >>>
Dianne Wall and Timothy

Dianne Wall (now National Coordinator
of Joy Ministries in New Zealand) and
her grandson Timothy (Debbie Kennedy's
youngest son). This was at the
Joy Ministries NZ National Camp.
This camp happens once every two
years and it is a very special event:
worship, teaching, swimming, crafts,
dancing, and sport.


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