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Contact Information


Joy Fellowship
3557 West 39th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6N 3A4

Telephone: 604-263-2703


Web address:


E-mail Addresses:

Dave and Ruby Hayward

Joy Gregory

David Hayward Jr.

Fred Hilderman


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Gordie and David at Bible Study


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Financial Statement
by Fred Hilderman, Treasurer

Receipts to August 31, 2003:

Expenses to August 31, 2003:

Receipts over Expenses:


Average monthly expenses:

Average monthly receipts over expenses:



 $ 20,679.10




The receipts include memorial for the Van Fund of $30,246.82.

Van Fund total to date is $42,744.20.


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Gifts in Memory

In Memory of Mrs. Martin (Michael Martin’s mother): Betty Gjertsen

In Memory of Ted Gjernes: Grace McAllister

In Memory of Millie Eskerine: Mary Armstrong

In Memory of Andrew Dempsey: Peggy, Terry and Kerry Dempsey

Gifts Given to
Celebrate and Honor

Honoring Lezlee Bachand: Care Tuk

Honoring Bill and Jean McAllister’s 50th Wedding Anniversary: Grace McAllister


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The Continuation of God’s Path by Mary Lam

“When I left Regent three and a half years ago I plunged back into the business world, first as a financial analyst for the government, then as an Administrative Manager for a small manufacturing company, where I stayed for three years. Meanwhile, for the last five years, I have been involved with Joy Fellowship, a church for people with mental and physical disabilities. It was through my steadfast involvement with these folks that I discovered my spiritual poverty, and learned about love and community. These people have deeply impacted the way I view people’s gifts, and as a result I found God impassioning me to interweave my business skills with special needs people. Shortly after coming to this realization, I resigned from my job and enrolled in a four-month intensive Resident Care Aide program at Langara College. My desire is to be properly trained in basic care-giving skills fro the elderly and people with disabilities, and to gain a better understanding of the health care system at a grass roots level. Although this decision appears to be radical, I can see now that it is not a career change, but a continuation of the path God has been leading me on . At the end of the program, I will be searching for a job. I hope to find work in the accounting and administrative field of a non-profit sector, in particular, working with organization that take an interest in people with disabilities.”

Written for The Alumni World—March 2003, from Regent College. Used with Author’s Permission.


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