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Smile of the Month:
Tracy Mohns

Tracy MohnsBirthday: May 13

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite TV show: The Price is Right

Favorite Food: Lasagna

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Cake

Favorite Song: If I Were a Butterfly

Favorite Bible Person: Jesus

Where were you born? Vancouver

What I do in the daytime? I work packaging ginger for sushi. I measure it, put in bags, and heat seal them.

Where I live: I live with Sherry. She's a good roommate.

My Hobbies: Coloring, listening to music, watching TV, phoning friends on the telephone.

Favorite Holiday: Going on the Joy Fellowship retreat with friends.

What I do in Joy Fellowship: I like to help out. I'm in the sign choir, the Wednesday Bible study. I get along with my friends.

What would you like to tell everyone? You're my good friend.


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God Rejoices:
Bernice Sings to Jesus with Everything She Has

Bernice had been hospitalized and although back at her home at Blenheim Lodge was not well enough to join the church. Betty (her cousin) visited her and wrote to the pastor of her church, “As we stayed in her room Bernice decided she wanted to sing out of Joy Fellowship’s song book—a selection of songs that they love. It’s arranged alphabetically and we sang everything from ‘Amazing Grace’ to 'Standing on the Promises.’

“We had a great time—she sometimes gets shushed at regular services because she sings out of tune and off key often and when she likes and remembers a songs she sings it lustily. At her church, a church for the handicapped (Joy Fellowship), there are about 150 or so attending so she gets drowned out and really bothers no one. In her room also, she could sing as she felt the urge and we both enjoyed the afternoon.

“When Bernice does not know a hymn tune she just makes up her own tune so we sing a few I haven’t even learned.”

Written to be a blessing by Betty Gjertsen


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David and Ruth

David Hayward and Ruth looking up verses in the Bible
at our Tent Camp in Sechelt


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