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Apologetics & Theology

Alpha and Omega Ministries - The Christian apologetics ministry of Dr. James R. White.

Amazing Bible - Resource for Bible information, studies, news, prophecy, statistics, prayer aids, sermon tools, Christian, church, cult, religion, spiritual warfare, and the chronological four-gospel study.

Ankerberg Theological Research Institute - John Ankerberg answers theological questions.

Answers in Genesis - A source of biblical authority and creation/evolution information. Provides answers from Genesis and exposes the flaws of Darwinism and humanistic philosophy.

Apologetics Information Ministry - Providing solid biblical teaching on many pertinent issues, including Christian doctrine, apologetics, cults, the occult, world religions, and non-Christian philosophies.

Apologetics.com - Challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe. Providing intelligent, objective arguments in favor of the Christian worldview.

Christian Answers Network - Respected Christian ministries join together to tackle your tough questions about life and the Christian faith.

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry - Equipping Christians with good information on doctrine, various religious groups (Mormonism, Jehovahs Witnesses, etc.), evolution, new age, and related subjects.

Christian Research Institute - Provides Christians with carefully researched information and well-reasoned answers that encourage them in their faith and equip them to intelligently represent it.

Defend Your Faith - Dedicated to helping Christians give a scientific, historical, biblical, and logical defense of the Christian faith. Topics include: Creation, Evolution, Defending the person and work of Christ, the Bible, and the Gospel.

Evidence for God from Science - Provides a rational case for Christianity, answers for atheists, scientific and biblical perspectives on evolution vs. creation, and more.

Faith from Facts - Presenting a solid foundation for the Christian faith.

Gospel Outreach Ministries Online - Numerous apologetic, evangelistic, and devotional articles that seek to provide a rational basis for the validity of the Christian faith.

The Identity and Claims of Jesus Christ - Proclaiming the truth and revealing the true identity and claims of Jesus Christ through statements from the Bible.

Institute of Biblical Defense - Training Christians to boldly defend the faith.

Institute for Creation Research - Christ-focused Creation ministry where science and the Bible are fully integrated.

Josh McDowell Ministry - Apologetics, devotions, resources, youth outreach, missions.

Mormonism Research Ministry - An evangelical Christian ministry challenging the claims of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Probe Ministries - Christian scholars analyzing and challenging contemporary culture, presenting reasoned, biblical information, and influencing the culture for Christ.

Rational Christianity - Answers to over 100 objections to Christianity and Bible contradictions, plus other articles for skeptics.

Ravi Zaharias International Ministries - To reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rightly Dividing the Word - Various topics of pertinent interest, including end-time Bible prophecy, spiritual growth, spiritual warfare, Christian doctrines, and the plan of salvation.

Saints Alive in Jesus - Witnessing Jesus to those lost in Mormonism and other cults.

Stand to Reason - Building Christian thinkers for the public defense of the faith.

Sword & Spirit Ministries - A Christian apologetics ministry devoted to providing answers to honest, intellectual concerns regarding the faith.

Ten Reasons to Believe - Dedicated to not only helping Christians understand what they believe and why, but also helping those who do not follow Christ understand what Christianity is all about.

Truthnet.org - Christian apologetics site covering many topics.

Walter Martin’s Religious InfoNet - Providing answers to life’s difficult questions and reasons for faith through the ministry of Dr. Walter Martin.

Watchman Fellowship - An independent Christian research and apologetics ministry focusing on new religious movements, cults, the occult, and the New Age.

Watchtower Information Service - A starting page for information on the Watchtower Society and Jehovah’s Witnesses: news (updated daily), articles about the cult, a bookstore, and links to other ex-JW sites.


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