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Highlights 2004

Nine Tents

Nine little tents in a row. The gentle chorus of snoring is a camping lullaby. The walls are thin!!

Butterfly Landing

A lovely butterfly lands on Ann Cowper. What a delight!

Butchard Gardens

It was a little wet at Butchard Gardens but still lovely.

Butterfly World

Ruth met her two nieces at Victoria Butterfly World. It was a place of wonder with flowers and butterflies just waiting to be discovered.


Around the campfire after our Barbeque and Games Day. Always lots of music whenever Joy Fellowship gets together.

Sechelt Tent Camp

Doug and a pastor in disguise


Ferry Ride

On the ferry home from Butterfly World, we worked together on the newsletter envelopes.


ALL the flowers in the gardens deserved photos.

Janice's Birthday

For Janice's birthday, we bought a cake, blew up balloons, and had a butterfly theme. Janice is in the Sign Language Choir and her favorite song is "If I Were a Butterfly."

Camp Alexandra

Leslie and Grant enjoying one of many creative activities at Camp Alexandra.

Sewing a Pillow

Merrill and Sarah helping Loekie to sew her own pillow at camp.

New Zealand

A New Zealand Party. The people who have been to NZ as part of Joy Fellowship teams held a New Zealand party. We had NZ food and drink (a sausage sizzle, lamb, Milo, kumara, wild salads, etc.), looked at NZ photos, told NZ stories, and finally wrote cards to ten of our NZ friends.

Porpoise Bay

On a scavenger hunt down by the beach at Porpoise Bay, Sechelt

Relay Races

All teams were ready for some relay races involving wet sponges and lots of laughter.

Sign Language Choir

Members of our Sign Language Choir signing "Jesus Died."


John and Donald modeling the new 2004 T-Shirts. This is Joy Fellowship's 30th Anniversary.

Summer Camp

At our summer camp, we celebrated the three decades of Joy Fellowship. Each day featured one decade with an emphasis on the helpers who were important to us, the Scriptures that led us, the songs we sang, and the stories of what God had done during those years. We even had an opportunity to send little cards and lovingly crafted pictures to a few of the people who have meant to much to us.



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Highlights 2004

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